Indian Topwise profile
Release time:2017/5/22 18:08:35

Indian Topwise profile

Topwise communication private CO,.Ltd was established at May 2017, located in Mohan united industry park, Delhi, India. With 700 square meter area and 150 staffs, this high-tech company was focus in producing and selling mobile terminal hardware,include smart phone, POS and etc as current main products ,meanwhile the company is promoting their own brand ”COMIO” in Indian market.With the strategy idea of “innovation”、”partnership”and ”great people” ,by integrating the global resources, allying the powerful R&B of Shenzhen Topwise, and developing the strong local channels, the company devote to make Comio a excellent high-end brand.

Comio India team plan cover the whole Indian market with their business, start to focus in northern and western market,and will expand to Southern and eastern market in 2018.At the end of 2017, The whole brand structure will include over 400 distributors, over 15000 dealers and over 400 after service points. At the end of 2018, there will be 800 distributors, 30000 dealers and 800 after service points which cover 500-550 cities.

The company plan to launch 4-5 products annually, with RRP during INR 6000-INR 12000,in order to focus on the target consumers that under 30.It is Comio Indian team’s target to get 5% smart phone market share rate of whole Indian , and complete 42 billion INR sales revenue in next 3years.
Address:Company address: 5th, 6th and 8th floor, A8 Music Building, No. 1002, Keyuan Road, Yuehai Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Company name:TopWise Communication Co.,Ltd
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