Launch event of Comio India
Release time:2017/8/18 18:13:48

Launch event of Comio India

Comio, the smart phone brand that under Topwise communication, announced to enter Indian mobile market by having it’s launch event on 18th Aug 2017, Delhi,India. Over 500 attendees have joined the event.

An introduction of the products was provided by the Comio celebrity spokesperson in the morning. Later the journalists gave interviews to the related leaders about the company profile and the products road map.

  In the afternoon, the core members of Comio gave a complete and detail products introduction to the attended distributors from every states, and then have a Q&A interaction with them.

  Sanjay,the CEO of Comio Indian claimed that, 5 billion INR has been invested to the company, include 2.5 billion INR for 他和marketing, 1.5 billion for the R&D and rest for company’s daily running cost, he is expecting to get 5% mobile market share in 3 years. 10% of the company’s production will be in India since this Oct. 

Sumit the CMO of Comio India claimed that, Comio will devote to fulfilling the requirement of rapid growing Indian middle rank market, the RRP will be during INR 6000-INR 15000, principally take off-line market promotion,  in order to  aim the youths aged 17-25 as target consumers. 

    With enthusiastic interaction between the Comio team and the attendees at the launch event, Comio, this newcome Chinese brand that raised in Indian, was implanted in everyone’s mind, what is Comio’s next move? how great will it be come? Let’s wait and see.
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