Topwise Officially Qualified as a China Unionpay Regualtory Compliant Terminal Company
Release time:2017/8/1 18:38:26

TopwiseOfficially Qualified as a China Unionpay Regualtory Compliant Terminal Company

On August 1st, on the day that the Chinese celebrate the national Army Day, Topwise also received inspiring news that the company has been qualified to be a China Unionpay terminal company. There were nine companies that were approved by China Unionpay during the first round of audits in 2017, and Topwise was one of them. This means that Topwise is qualified to produce POS machines and enter into the POS machine industry.It was a strict and rigorous audit, but in the end, it was the hard work of all the people of Topwise that brought this renowned achievement.

NoCompany nameAudit DateApproved Date
1Fujian landi CommercialEquipment Co., Ltd.2017/5/122017/5/12


Shenzhen Zhengtong ElectronicCo., Ltd                       

Shenzhen ZhengtongJinxin

 Technology Co. Ltd.

3Neusoft Co., Ltd2017/5/252017/5/26
4Hangzhou Xinyada Scienceand Technology Co Ltd2017/5/172017/6/2
5Shenzhen Da Qu IntelligentTechnology Co., Ltd.2017/6/232017/6/25
6BeijingZhiNengGuoTechnology Co., Ltd2017/6/172017/6/26
7Shanghai Shi MaiIntelligent Technology Co., Ltd2017/7/102017/7/21
8Shen ZhenTopwiseCommunication Co., Ltd2017/7/52017/7/24
9Shenzhen XinguoduTechnology Co., Ltd2017/7/202017/7/24

In 2016, China Unionpay performed a random inspection of their main acquirers and mainstream terminal products on the market, including 178 terminal models, over 1000 POS terminals, as well as Mpos and Personal payment terminals. The results indicated that some terminal products had varying degrees of security risks, the most severe of which including some products having security chips replaced with non-secure chips causing vulnerabilities in the security system. Another serious instance included the reduction or modification of some of the security features, resulting in a reduction of the security level of the terminals. Products that have been shown to involve changes or modifications of terminal security will have their terminal certification revoked. So far, there have been 20 terminal certifications canceled during the random inspection.

Faced with this serious situation regarding security, UnionPay released the Guidelines for Life Cycle Safety and Quality Management of UnionPay Card Terminal Products (hereinafter referred to as the "Guideline") in January 2017, putting forward more stringent requirements regarding the design, production, and management of terminal products. The following is a brief introduction to the Guideline:

1. The entire Guideline includes 8 items, 69 check points, 3 points for each checkpoint, for a total of 207 points. Of those, 72 are must-pass items, accounting for 35%. The first assessment must reach 80 points or more, or the certification office will no longer accept the application from the enterprise within one year.

2. The Guideline uses the following aspects of enterprise qualification, information security management capabilities, independent R & D capabilities, service capabilities, product life cycle (safety) management, configuration management, and quality management as the evaluation standards.

Topwise responded rapidly after receiving the Guideline and reported to UnionPay to submit the application materials.Afterwards, all the relevant departments of Topwise began strict screening on R & D, production, personnel management, environmental conditions, safety management, and control processes based on the company ISO system and the requirements of the Guideline, and quickly corrected any discrepancies.

On July 5th, Topwise welcomed the on-site evaluation of the China UnionPay certification office, and with the effort and cooperation of all the departments, passed the on-site evaluation with flying colors. August 1, the China UnionPay Certification Information Management System officially announced Topwise as a China Unionpay regulatory compliant terminal company, which has significant meaning to Topwise entering into the POS machine industry, and opening up new business opportunities. We believe that the spirit and sincere cooperation of all the people of Topwise will bring Topwise to a new chapter in the near future.
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