Topwise Brings Smart POS Machines to Seamless Middle East 2018
Release time:2018/4/20 17:41:25

Topwise Brings Smart POS Machines to Seamless MiddleEast 2018

On April 15, 2018, More than 350 exhibitors and 10,000visitors gathered at the Dubai Internation Convention and Exhibition Center to attend the the2018 Seamless MiddleEast conference. Thousands of hardware products from various industriesincluding smart cards, financial payment systems, POS terminals, electronicprinters, information security products, public service platforms, applicationsystems, e-banking and mobile payment systems, and even products from theretail industry were on display this year in what some have called the mostsuccessful turnout in the convention’s history.

Seamless Middle East is an annual global exhibitionthatwas founded in 2000, and organized by internationally renowned exhibitioncompany Terrapinn, and is considered the largest professional exhibition in theMiddle East. Every year, thousands of people from the region’s most highlyregarded retailers, e-commerce companies, and payment industry companies all gathertoparticipate and show off their companies’ newest innovations.

Four product advantages
As one of the exhibitors, Topwise also carried a number of self-developed SmartPOS machines to display in this year’s exhibition, one of which, the T1 SmartPOS machine, receivedquite a lot of attention. The T1has four major advantageswhichset it apart from other Smart POS machines. The first is its ultra-thin design.With a thickness of only 25.8mm and batteries weighing in at only 425 grams,the T1 has a remarkably compact appearance and excellent feel.

The second is its multi-functionality.The T1 combinesa card slider, scanner, printer and other functions all into one compactmachine, and comes ready to accept payments easily in any scenario.

The third is its high-level configuration. T1 incorporatesthe Android 7.0 smart secure payment system, supporting 2G, 3G, 4G, BT, WIFI,GPS, and full network wireless coverage. It’s also equipped with a high-definitiontouch screen, and quad-core processor, meaning that transaction times can becalculated in just seconds.

The fourth feature that gives the T1 a major advantagein the industry is its high level of security. The T1 is certified by PBOC,QPBOC, EMV, QUICS, UPTS2.0, PCI5.0,just to name a few, so customers can resteasy knowing that every single transaction is protected by the highest securityavailable.

Strong production guarantee
Topwise itself is a 12 year veteran of the mobile terminal industry, and havingmore than a decade of experience comes with many advantages that other paymentvendors don’t have, such as its relationship with key partners. Topwise hasestablished long-term relationships with many industry-leading chipmanufacturers, and the company’s supply chain is among the strongest in itsfield. In addition to this, Topwise’s research and development capabilities inthe field of smart hardware are also second to none. After winning the title ofNational High-Tech Enterprise, and with an impressive portfolio of 72copyrights and 49 patents, it’s not hard to see why Topwise is so highlyregarded.

Maybe the most notable thing that sets Topwise apartfrom other companies in the field is its fully owned and operated TopwiseIndustrial Park. Topwise  IndustrialPark, covers an area of 100,000 square meters, and is outfitted with a number of professional and standardized productionequipment, specialized work areas, and anti-static production workshops. Thepark is also home to Topwise’s own advanced assembly lines and high-speed,high-precision SMT production lines. From its R&D, design, andmanufacturing to its brand managementand global sales, Topwisetruly stands outin smart payment industry. So, its no surprise that theTopwise booth at thisyear’s Seamless Middle East saw so much excitement.
Very Rewarding
Topwise was very happy to report very promising results from attending theexhibition in Dubai. Out of the many people that came to check out theproducts, several of them purchased prototypes of the T1, S1 and M1 during theevent. What’s even more exciting is that the customers signed an agreement ofintent to purchase right there in the booth, and agreed to visit the Topwiseoffice in Shenzhen.

Although Topwise was not the first company to enter the POS industry, itsprogress has been remarkable. And now, Topwsie has the honor of not only beingthe sole official partner of Google in the POS industry, but also the firstChinese manufacturer to release Android 7 version POS machines. It is believedthat Topwise, at the rate it is going, will find its place at the very top ofthe smart payment industry in the very near future.
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