Superior Craftsmanship | Record of COMIO mobile phone conference: extraordinary our hard work.
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“Superior Craftsmanship—COMIO mobile phone 2016 strategy and news conference” was the sign read leading into the conference, was held at Kirin Villa, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China on July 14th, 2016

From the early-stages of preparation to the official opening of the conference, and the revealing of COMIO’s line of new smartphones, let’s review some of the highlights of the event.

The dining hall that housed the conference being prepared to accommodate the many speakers and attendees

The COMIO team seen here signing their names to celebrate the big event

The conference included a special exhibition area where participants could experiencefor themselves the line of new products

Leader’s speech
The conference was kicked-off with talks from ZouXiangyong, chairman of Topwise Group, Sun Wenping, president of Shenzhen Mobile Phone Industry Association, Ma Bao-ping, general manager of Shenzhen Media Tek Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhu Jiang-bo, vice president of Samsung's Southern Region.

Mr.ZouXiangyong began by sharing the history of the Topwise Group, as well of the aspirations of the company’s future with the development of COMIO. Even with the smartphone market proving to be a fiercely competitive industry, he expressed nothing but confidence in the future of COMIO, adding that the Topwise Group will go to the limit to support COMIO in becoming a powerful brand.
Opening of the COMIO Ceremony
ZouXiangyong, chairman of Topwise Group, Sun Wenping, president of Shenzhen Mobile Phone Industry Association, Ma Bao-ping, general manager of Shenzhen Media Tek Technology Co., Ltd., Zhu Jiang-bo, vice president of Samsung's Southern Region, ZengJuewen, CEO of TopwiseGroup, Yan Bin, CEO of Hongbo Technolody, Liu Ruizhi, Sales Director of MediaTek, Tang rixing, Director of Yosun Hong Kong, Zhen gengpeng, general manager of COMIO brand,cut the ribbon in the  opening ceremony to begin the conference.

Announcing the COMIO Strategy
COMIO, a brand of Topwise Group and founded in 2008, is no stranger to those who are familiar with mobile phone industry. This conference announced the plans for this veteran brand to begin the challenge of starting a new journey.

During the conference, Zhen Gengpeng, general manager of COMIO laid out the business strategy for COMIO entering the next phase of the brand’s development. Mr Zhen Gengpeng is very experienced in this field and has seen brand changes many times throughout his career, but what remains unchanged is his desire to create the best products possible.

COMIO Products Exposure
COMIO product manager, Li Zhi, explained COMIO's product plan and gave attendees the first look at the COMIO i1, COMIO’s first smartphone model, officially announcing its specs and configuration. The COMIO i1 features a durable all metal construction, fingerprint recognition, 2.5D arc glass, and much more. And as for the software, independent research and development of ComUI will be the staple of COMIO brand phones. Along with its dual operating systems and applications such as double-open functions, the COMIO i1also uses independently developed C-Touch2.0 fingerprint recognition technology.

Following the COMIO i1, COMIO i2、M1、M2、M3 as well as COMIO O1, COMIO also exposed a new mobile VR unit. Here are the details of the new models that were announced.

COMIO Mobile VR O1
O1 features a 5.5”FHD display, along with an impressive quad core CPU, and built-in 9-axis gyroscope, which can accurately track any user’s head movement and show a full HD panoramic scene in 360 degree, allowing the user experience reality in the virtual world.

COMIO M1features a 5.0”IPS screen, one-piece metal body, as well as dual-SIM standby, and comes ready for use on all networks.

 The COMIO M2 has a very attractive rounded gold chamfer, smooth edges, as well as 2.5D screen. All cutouts, including the speaker hole and USB data hole are cut with diamond bladed cutting equipment, leaving the M2 with a design that is delicate and precise.

The COMIO i2 housing is processed with sandblasting oxidation, and mirror polished trimming. The metal back cover is covered with a very fine zircon sand, with two polished lines that span the body, as if they are carved by light. The middle housing undergoes a 3D laser engraving and vacuum plating process, all giving the i2 and exquisite look and feel.

The special anodizing process gives a beautiful finish to the COMIO M3, which is offered in silver, gray, gold, and rose gold colors.

Near the conclusion of the COMIO mobile conference, and after nearly 4 hours of new releases, it was widely considered a success by the COMIO team and the attendees. But although the event had ended, it marked the official beginning of a new journey. With the strong support of the Topwise Group and the lasting joint efforts of the COMIO mobile phone team, it’s only a matter of time until COMIO emerges again as the major contender in the competition for domestic mobile phones.

Making good products.
Constantly challenging yourself.
The better you are, the more they will want.
Creating the possibilities that others think impossible.
These are what drive COMIO people.
Perhaps it won’t always go according to plan,
But the world will definitely always see your intentions.
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