Topwise Communication Group and Shenzhen University Signed a cooperation agreement between College and Enterprise
Release time:2016/11/22 15:46:41

( From left to right respectively is that Dr. Xiaojing ZHAO, School of Electronic Science and Technology, Shenzhen University. Xiqing LUO, deputy general manager, Shenzhen Topwise Communication Group. Dr. Lei GE, School of Electronic Science and Technology, Shenzhen University )

On 19th November 2017, a particularly Conference of Colleges Communication until the fourth day. Admittedly, the special part of meeting and signing held at Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 9 Hall, Shenzhen. In that case, there are several reasons. To begin with, implement the national strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, having promoted science innovation and economic development of enterprise as well as society progress. In addition, make full use of techniques of colleges, and human resource as well as advanced techniques. One more thing, combined with production conditions of firms, science research will be transform into productivity as soon as possible.

( Left for Zhenkun WEN, director of the Department of Science and Technology, Shenzhen University.  Xiqing LUO, deputy general manager of Topwise Communications Group )

The event was launched, and the term ’School-Enterprise Cooperation, Production and Learning Wins Together‘coined. Having signed relevant cooperation agreement at conference by Xiqing LUO, deputy general manager, Topwise Communication Group and Wenzhen REN, Science Techniques Apartment, Shenzhen University. Actually, this is comprehensive techniques cooperation once again from both Shenzhen University and Topwise Communication Group. However, they will be continue develop their respective advantages, and form good situation in which professions and industries promote each other and seek common development.

( Left for Zhenkun WEN, director of the Department of Science and Technology, Shenzhen University.  Xiqing LUO, deputy general manager of Topwise Communication Group )

To summarize what has been mentioned above, Leader figures of Topwise Communication Group pay more attention to its filed that School-Enterprise Cooperation. Instead, periods of projects negotiation and sign the contracts, which always given high attention and supporting. According to its report, in order to promote School-Enterprise Cooperation, so that project manager have words with school representatives in terms of many exchange minds and negotiations, but the results are reach unanimous consensus from each sides on cooperate projects and operation ways.

Another factor as National Hi-Tech Enterprise and One of The Country's Largest Smartphone Program Suppliers, we believe that our group will be make use of college resources as well, and enable more tech achievements implant into our products for serve the publics, as well as achieve a principle that Production and Learning Wins Together.
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